This past Friday I turned 3 weeks old. I know what you’re thinking- I don’t look a day over two weeks! But it’s true.

The first thing I did this past weekend was catch up on my beauty sleep. Even guys should care about how they look.

Let’s be honest. I look good. This takes work, do not be fooled!

This weekend a very important thing happened. My belly button stump finally fell off. They said in the hospital it would be gone in 10 days… hah!

Also this weekend I rolled over. Twice in a row, just to prove that it wasn’t a fluke.

After my belly button fell off my parents insisted on giving me a bath, which -I hate to say it- I actually enjoyed!

I had a very busy weekend. And I certainly accomplished plenty of things. I even convinced my parents to put away my newborn clothes and get out the 0-3 month digs when I showed them I was too long for most of my outfits. I think they were both in denial but they have since embraced the change.