Hello everyone! Today we have a guest author: Mommy!

Hi, I know it’s been a while since the last enrty. I was waiting for pictures from the beach from last weekend and then I got food poisoning. The culprit: turkey deli meat.

Jack has been using his hands a lot, grasping for toys, and also holding his hands together. Here is Jack and Melman (a la Madagascar).

When we went to the beach Jack insisted that he wear one of his pirate outfits. He’s laying on the quilt that I had as a baby (my birth announcements look very similar to this picture).

Jack has his first shower at the beach because we didn’t want to haul the little tub with us. One of the Moms in my New Mom’s Group said this is the only way her daughter gets bathed, so we tried it for ourselves. Turns out- he likes it! Be Warned: Babies are slippery when wet!

And of course we did some tummy-time. We’re getting better at remembering to do it every day. Although Jack spent most of the time sucking on his wrist.