Guest Author: Mom

Today at my Mom’s Group I learned that photos are automatically date stamped. I knew this was possible in that photos would have the date imbedded in the image in the lower right-hand corner. But now I am wiser. Now I know that the data is saved to the file whether or not it is visable on the image.

As a demonstration of the power of Mom’s Group – sometimes we moms share tips on getting the babies to bed, or how to deal with fussiness – today I learned about date-stamped digital images. Fantastic! Jack’s monthly birthday pictures will now be shared without wasting paper and killing trees.

Additionally, my images (which are all saved in the Jack 0-3 file) are now in CHRONOLOGICAL order. How did people live before this technology?! Thanks Daddy! We went to take Jack’s birthday photos today, and ‘big sister’ Monkey insisted on joining the fun!

This was when he tried to stand by pushing down on the chair with his feet.

And there’s my happy guy!