Today was a very busy day. We are continuing to have minor sleeping trouble so after one midnight wake up which lasted about 45 minutes we woke up feeling refreshed in the morning. We both ate our morning cereal packed up the car and immediately ran 4 errands.

Dicks Sporting Goods

Home Expo (I love everything here – are you surprised?)

Home Depot (My second home)

Bed Bath and Beyond

Jack was a champ, quiet the entire time, and asleep for half the stops. I had to buy myself a new water bottle because I had mom-brain and must have left mine somewhere, like the store or the library or something. Jack is very interested in everything that Mommy eats, so this is one of the few things I ‘eat’ that I can let him play with because A. water is harmless and B. it’s completely spill-proof!

Then Daddy got home and got to work on the kitchen again.

He had a little helper.
This was cute at first, and then the utter mayhem ensued. Most of my cabinets were empty; their contents all over my counter tops, table tops and floors. Panic set in….

But in the end we were able to move some cabinets
Just imagine the floors as bamboo, the cabinets painted white with new hardware, the counter tops a dark emerald granite, and the back splash as pale sage subway tile. This is going to be a tremendous amount of work, but in the end our kitchen will look fantastic! I might even start cooking in it 😉