We have been experiencing technical difficulties lately… and thus we have not blogged. Forgive me Father, it has been 5 days since my last blog. Jack just loves reading. We read some books on Wednesday and we had a great time! Jack likes to turn the pages.

On Thursday the Moms met at the mall. We went for a walk and then went for lunch. Part way through the walk Jack gave in to the tired-ness and took a catnap.

Thursday evening Jack decided to eat his feet. This is normally impossible as his cloth diapers provide too much bulk. But when he is diaperless

Then we started the weekend… working on the house. My parents called and surprised us with an offer to help us prepare for July 4th weekend when we will be laying the new floors. After surveying the damage, realizing we could never have the house ready for them when one of us has to entertain Jack leaving only one person to clean we enthusiastically agreed. Got a little Captain in you?

“Lets cut here, and there, and then rip!

Does it still look livable?

One of these things is not like the other… One of these things just doesn’t belong…

It’s been a long weekend for everyone. Even Monkey is plum tuckered out!

In other news, my mom was trying to rock Jack to sleep yesterday and his pacifier fell to the side of the glider. When he didn’t fall asleep I went to get it for her because it’s hard to reach while holding the babe. So I reach down beside the glider and then I find my water bottle! Man am I an idiot… at least now I have one large and one small, depending on my hydro-needs.