This weekend we are working on puttin in our new bamboo floors. It’s slow to start because there are tiny cuts that need to be made to fit around the molding of the sliding door. It took until about noon just to lay the first two rows.

During that time Jack took his first mid-morning nap EVER. He slept for 40 minutes, for those of you not tracking Jack’s sleeping pattern as obsessively as I am- This is a momentous occasion! Jack slept in his crib while this was going on outside right below his bedroom window.

Apparently what we has been doing wrong was we should have been trying to make a racket, not trying to be quiet!

Then Jack woke up and wanted to check on the progress.

My mom and I decided to come up with some errands that needed running so that Jack wouldn’t be subjected to the noises of the pneumatic nailer, table saw and miter saw all day. When we got home the only place for Jack to eat dinner was in the kitchen, like this:

At the end of the day we had already ‘covered a lot of ground’ so to speak.

Brenna- how is the progress going on the NCSS? I think I’m noticing a difference.