Because it’s like an e-mail forward, but not.

A is for Age: 27

B is for Burger of choice: Turkey burger, with all the fixin’s… including avocado

C is for Car driven: Subaru Forester

D is for Dog’s name: How about Cat: Monkey

E is for Essential item used every day: Cell phone

F is for Fave TV show of the moment: Jon & Kate plus 8

G is for fave Game: Cranium Turbo, Pop 5, or Hoopla

H is for Hometown: Rockville, MD

I is for Instruments played: none, I do not have musical skillz

J is for fave Juice: CranApple – or when I’m feeling sassy 100% Cran, all natural Pucker Up!

K is for whose booty should be Kicked: I have many answers to this question, I think everyone needs a swift kick in the pants every now-and-then to keep us grounded.

L is for Last restaurant visited: Chevy’s for eat-in and Bella Mia for carry-out

M is for fave Muppet: Kermit, because it IS easy to be green!

N is for Number of piercings: 6 ear, 1 naval, 1 nose- but now only 3 are in use

O is for Overnight hospital stays: I plead the 5th

P is for People with today: My parents, My husband and My son.

Q is for choice of Quiet time activity: Swimming – I have yet to find time for that.

R is for biggest Regret: I don’t have regrets… there are certainly things in life I wish had turned out differently, but I don’t regret anything.

S is for (marital) Status: Freekin‘ Married

T is for time woken up today: 7:30ish

U is for what is considered Unique: I’m a pop-culture nerd, with tree-hugger roots, I have -in the past- passed for ‘cool’, and in some ways I will always be a jock.

V is for Veggies loved: Eggplant is my fave.

W is for Worst habit: My name is Emily, and I pick my nose.

X is for X-rays taken: Aside from more orthodontics that a classroom of 7th graders… I have had MRIs on my shoulder from my days of being an in-shape swimmer-type athlete.

Y is for Yummy food eaten today: I finished my dad’s left over Eggplant Parm Sub for lunch. That was particularly good.

Z is for Zodiac sign: Gemini

p.s. A big thank you shout-out to my parents for all their help this weekend. I will always walk proudly barefoot in my home 🙂