Just for today I wish Jack could talk. I imagine our conversation would go like this:

J: Hi there, Mommy. You’re doing a great job at this parenting thing.

M: Thank you, sometimes it’s tough because you seem upset and I don’t know why. When you arch your back and scream it sounds like you’re frustrated – why? When you rub your ear are you tired or do your teeth hurt? Does the baby Tylenol help with the teething pain at all? Do peas really give you an upset tummy, or have I made that up in my head? Are you getting enough to eat? How can we help you nap and sleep better? What is your favorite toy? What is your favorite game? What are you thinking right now?

J: ::Yawn:: Mommy, don’t bore me with your questions. Let’s play!

M: Grrr

If you could ask them anything, what would it be? And maybe more importantly, what would they say…