Baby torture! Jack is being attacked by Daddy. For some reason I think he looks a lot like me in this picture…

Lately Jack will put anything, and I mean ANYTHING in his mouth. Crate and Barrel catalogue- Yes, Note cards– Yes, The curtains- Yes, My knee- Yes (and also my elbow, which makes changing him a bit of a challenge.)

We’re making progress. I’m working on the first coat of actual paint (the last 3 -yes 3- coats were JUST primer.) We have also since hung the wine rack and cabinets that go right there. So now the real question if the cabinets are white, the counter top is dark greenish/black, the appliances are stainless, the back splash will be sage green with a black stripe, and the floors are a medium wood…. what color would you make the hinges and knobs? Black or Brushed Nickel?