Today Jack had his first pool experience and his first swim class! Those who know me know it’s mandatory that my kid(s) like the water and preferable if they want to become competitive swimmers… not that I’m planning Jack’s life for him or anything. At swim class we practiced floating on our front and our back. We learned how to go under water and how to kick our legs. Jack just kicked and splashed all on his own without much demonstration. He’s already a great floater… I am so proud!
After class we dried off using our WGST towel. I felt it was important to go full circle here and pass down the black and gold early!
Then we hosted mom’s group. It’s getting harder and harder to pose the babies as they seem to have minds of their own. How inconvenient!
We also baked brownies (from a box so nothing special) but we learned more about the local farmers markets and we’re really committed to getting local produce and even local meat whenever possible.
Tomorrow we might have pictures from the farm… assuming mommy remembers the camera and remembers to take pictures with it!