We’ve been experimenting with food lately because we were given permission to feed Jack adult food at his 6-month check up. We went to Roots and got a bunch of different organic foods that we’ve been trying. Pineapple, semolina, Scottish oatmeal and blueberry applesauce are all high on the list of new foods Jack is enjoying.

He was VERY disturbed this morning because he had indicated he was no longer hungry before his Scottish oatmeal was finished so I started to eat the rest of it. He did NOT enjoy watching me eat ‘his’ food. I suppose this is a lesson he will just have to learn, if he’s going to eat big-people food, we’re going to sometimes eat of his plate, that’s just the way it’s going to be.

On a slightly related note Matt and I got dangerous with our culinary experimentation last night and made our first Chinese spring rolls. They were delicious! I was in charge of making the stuffing and then actually stuffing and rolling. Matt was in charge of the frying, because the last time we made polenta I was in charge of the frying and I’m still working my way through the PTSD that resulted.

Now here I am, Monday morning and I’m trying to think of something exciting to make for myself. Sadly I think we don’t have anything particularly exciting for lunches today… what a let-down!