Over the river (Susquehanna) and through the woods (Poe Valley)

to Happy Valley we went.

Of course we hit up the Chili Cook Off! I was disappointed to see that the Nittany Lions don’t take their chili as seriously as I do (there were only 4 competitors). However, the chili was VERY yummy!

to crawl. This was something that I knew he could do because he can army crawl faster that I ever thought possible but he hadn’t taken more that one or two ‘crawl steps’ at a time until today!

We saw a hot air balloon.

And we learned that the best toy ever is an aluminum to-go pan! We went to dinner at a earth-friendly brewery and pub and instead of styrofoam we took home our leftovers home in aluminum. It’s shiny, malleable and it makes a lot of noise when you hit it!