For those who spend their time wondering what’s new in Jack’s world… admit it, it’s all you ever think about! This blog is for you.
Early Potty Training:

Jack has been successfully using the potty several times a day every day. He is still wearing diapers but he is holding it some days. Meaning: in the morning after using the potty we eat breakfast and play in the play room for 2 hours, when I go to put him on the potty before his morning nap the diaper is completely dry and he goes in the potty. This certainly doesn’t happen every day but it’s starting to occur more frequently.

Sippy Cup:

The search for the perfect sippy cup has been a long and arduous one. Ideally I’d love to find one that is spill proof, that he can drink from unassisted and that doesn’t have Disney, Dora or Diego characters on them (Don’t even get me started). We have found a cup that he enjoys drinking from and is able to drink several ounces at a sitting, but he cannot use it by himself because of the angle it needs to be held at and a serious spill-prevention initiative. So although he likes the straw one to chew on he clearly prefers the spout one for actual beverage consumption.


Jack loves walking. His favorite thing to do is walk around the house for hours holding on to my (or Matt’s) fingers. Oy! My aching back! Sometimes he will take a few steps holding just one hand but he clearly would prefer to have two-handed assistance. Place your bets now for when he will take his first steps.


Oh my favorite subject. I cannot wait to wean him! Why? You ask… don’t you love BFing and cherish the closeness and bonding? Yes, yes that’s all well and good, but I would also love to be able to leave the house for ::gasp:: an entire day, or not to be required for nap and bed times. I also, selfishly, would love to eat more than one tuna fish sandwich in a week without feelings of guilt regarding mercury poisoning. Well, it looks like Jack might also be ready for a change because for the last 4 nights in a row he has not wanted his last feeding of the day (right before bedtime). Tonight Matt is going to put him to bed without me. ::fingers crossed:: This could mark the beginning of the dawn of a new era in parenting. We’ll see how it goes!

Baby Gate:

We have found that the best ‘baby gate’ for the bottom of the stairs in the play room is a pile of pillows! It doesn’t ruin the wall and it allows us to move it or walk around it easily.