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We have a first word…

This just in Jack has said his first word. Yesterday when Monkey walked into the play room Jack said “Kehkeh” and I thought, ”Wow what a coincidence!’ Then later that day he did it again. Well this morning he confirmed that he knows that Monkey is his “Kehkeh” because he said it again on her cue!

For the past few weeks he’s been saying Ma-ma-ma-ma and Dadadada but because I’ve never done this parenting thing before I don’t count that as ‘talking’. I assumed he would wake up one day and say Ma-Ma and I would know he was talking to me and he would reach for me or point to me or something to confirm that we all knew he was saying a ‘first word’. Well, since this is my first time at the rodeo I needed something a little more specific than that and Jack delivered!