Jack was very excited for Thanksgiving…

We all sat down and enjoyed our meal; Jack was asleep (which Mommy and Daddy were thankful for because we were able to get our first helping before he woke up to join us). This mean no cold food for Mommy!

Jack was thankful for turkey, broccoli, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, crackers, and cheese.

Jack was so excited all day that he insisted on practicing running, not walking so much, but running -all day long!

Uncle Tom did not go unscathed either.

We’re thankful for our new family.

Then on Saturday we threw Kristin and Rob a surprise impromptu baby shower! Because we aren’t going to be able to make their actual shower in January.

By the end of the weekend Jack was a basket case. There was just so much action and excitement!

New skill: Clapping!