Jack is on day-two of his nap-strike. (His teeth might be coming.) When Matt got home from work I was excited for a break from my very fussy son. Matt took Jack into the basement to play while I put my feet up and then I heard “Oh, OH! EMILY, COME HERE!!!” Thinking I’m going to see severed limbs strewn about as I run downstairs.

When I get down there, Matt explains that Jack took 2 steps from his activity table to him. So this begs the question, if a baby walks in the basement and his mommy isn’t there to see it- did it really happen? I ask this because when we tried to get him to repeat his new ‘trick’ he would have none of it. I’m left to wonder if it was a real event or Matt’s making it up. (It’s possible!)

Please comment below and tell me: if a tree falls in a forest… does it make a noise?