This weekend we hosted the “Second Annual Cookie Decorating Party”. This idea came to be last year while I was pregnant because I was starting to think about how having kids would change things… remember decorating sugar cookies as a kid with 12 tons of icing and sprinkles and colored sugar? Remember how fun it was? Well… Matt and I decided to jump the gun and start a fun little tradition and here’s what happened this year:

Jack ate his first cookie (ever) it was a snowman, with no icing, of course. It was funny to watch him because if you give him a cracker he will devour it in 3 seconds flat and then scream for more. It took him about 10 minutes to eat this cookie… maybe he knew it would be his only one and he was trying to savor every bite?

Susan and Carter came to decorate (and help eat) some cookies too. Also in attendance, but not pictured, were my parents and Matt’s parents.

Here were just some of the goods. Matt and I have already put a serious dent in the cookies… clearly we will have to make more! (No problem, because we have about 1 dozen that are still undecorated.)

On Sunday Uncle Tom ‘graduated’ from the University of Maryland with a Computer Engineering degree. If you know anyone who has need of a CE let us know! This is Jack watching the graduation. If you’re wondering why I said ‘graduated’ it’s because some of his final grades haven’t posted so though he walked we’re actually still waiting to be sure all his grades were what they needed to be. (I’m not that worried.)

Jack wanted to be just like Uncle Tom.