My parents and my brother (Uncle Tom) came today for Christmas 3 of 3 so Jack, being the lucky boy that he is had more presents to open today!

Mommy got a new winter jacket! (Daddy got new dress slacks for work, not pictured, cause he was operating the camera.)

A gift came in the mail from our special friend (a.k.a. Fake-Aunt Amy I’m stealing your people-titles Emily 1). Jack decided to get down on the lions level in order to make first contact.

Uncle Tom brought a doozie of a gift! This is clearly Jack’s ‘oh please, can we open it now?’ face.

During Jack’s nap Grandpa and Uncle Tom put together Jack’s new toy…

and he’s a big fan. Now all we need is a bike pump to inflate the soccer ball, basket ball and football. Jack also discovered how fantastic the box is – because it’s big enough for me to get inside so clearly there will be a lot of fun playroom time in the coming months!