It’s time for resolutions, and I’m a… well… fickle person. I have a hard time committing to something and staying committed especially when I’m faced with giving something up, like chocolate, soda or being sarcastic. So I’m working on some resolutions for this year and I will post them so you readers can help keep me honest.

Overall it’s been a great year. It’s also certainly been a difficult year (any new parents who don’t think parenting is also difficult are either lying or insane). For me, parenting was most difficult immediately after the dreaded c-section and it got progressively more exciting and less challenging. Jack is a happy, easy-going boy and I’m super lucky to have him in my life.

Staying at home with him is such a great experience but it’s a blessing and a curse. I’m so grateful to be in a position to spend so much time with him, but the days do get tragically repetitive at times. I’m glad that have the other Mommies and friends and my parents to help break things up with fun play-dates, hang-outs and weekends at the beach to keep things interesting!

And finally here is my shout-out to Matt, who is a super husband and a hilarious Dad. I remember when we were pregnant he would worry about whether or not he would be a good parent, which now seems just absurd.

Things I did this year in no particular order:

  1. Quit my job.
  2. Become a mommy.
  3. Renovate the crap our of our house (with major help from my parents).
  4. Got back into painting and other crafty past-times.
  5. Got back into shape (until Thanksgiving hit, and I have fallen way off the wagon).
  6. Started blogging.
  7. Borrowed a book from a non-university library and read the book cover to cover (even the books borrowed from a university library were never read cover to cover).
  8. Yoga.
  9. Tried to go as green as I can without compromising on un-compromisables like the quality of TP.
  10. Drank more water.
  11. Enjoyed time with family.

Well, that about sums it up.. unless there is anything particularly interesting to report I will see you in the ’09!