this sippy cup (for 9 month olds) with this sippy cup (for 18 month olds)?

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. So Avent is BPA free (yay) and when I got the first set of sippy cups (the magic trainer, or whatever it’s called) Jack didn’t like the low-flow mouth so we bought the bigger one (the sippy sport) and Jack loved that his juice, water, etc. just poured right into his mouth. But the size was too big and unruly for him to hold himself. Finally it occurred to me that if they’re made by the same company maybe the parts are interchangeable (DUH!). So we have the 18 month pour-top on the 9 month cup with the handles and he LOVES IT. Totally autonomous!

Which brings up…
I was really worried about the weaning being a long process involving tears and sleepless nights and no napping but we introduced milk about a week ago and he’s obsessed with it! Every time I go to ‘boob’ feed him he tries to crawl away as if to say “Thank you mommy, but there are other, more exciting things I need to do and I like the big-boy food you feed me very much.”

I had this whole plan to switch the time of day and not do feedings before naps and bedtime to start getting him used to relaxing without a boob. I was going to slowly introduce milk during meals so he would get used to it and maybe learn to like it and then over a 3 week period I was going to phase out the boob from the 2 feedings we were at last week down to 0. Turns out that’s completely unnecessary. I mean, shoot, if he wants to make it easy that’s fine with me… but do I at least get credit for making a plan and putting a lot of thought into what I assumed was going to be a traumatic experience for him (and us)?