Last night at 5:14 pm Kristin (my cousin) gave birth to Sierra at a whopping 6 lbs 19 inches. Both mom and baby are doing well and I’ll have pictures to follow soon. Rumor has it that she’s feeling a little overwhelmed. I can’t imagine why, labor and delivery are a piece of cake, right? and bringing home a new born is just like having a puppy! (I’ll post pictures as soon as I get my hands on some.)

Today the Animal Planet (which we let Jack watch) was having a special on elephants and because they were talking about elephant pregnancy, labor and birth I thought I’d share some helpful statistics.

Human Gestational Period: 40 weeks (9.5 months)
Elephant Gestational Period: 100 weeks (22 months)
Human Birth Weight: 7lbs 6 oz
Elephant Birth Weight: 250 lbs
Human Birth Canal: 4 inches
Elephant Birth Canal: 8 feet
Human Baby Drinks: 25 oz of milk
Elephant Baby Drinks: 640 oz of milk

Elephant babies don’t sleep through the night when they’re newborns either.

All I’m saying is- it’s good to be human!