We had a very joyful day today celebrating Jack, Brooks, Cadence, Amedeo, Christian, Jaden, Jillian, Jocelyn, Andreas, Leora and Ria’s First Birthdays. Brenna hosted us in her home and everyone brought something- food, drinks, paper plates etc.

Jack dressed up for the occasion.

We did a gift exchange Leora and her mommy got Jack a very cool book and a colorful shape sorter. (I had been thinking about picking up a second sorter because we need one for upstairs play times so this worked out perfectly and it has different shapes and colors than the one I had.)

Then we ate cupcakes. Jack enjoyed his very much. I enjoyed mine as well, yummy!

Then we sat for a picture. Almost everyone made it Archana was at work but Ria came. Emily 3 and Sarah were both at work and their babies were in daycare. Here we have top row left to right: Alexandra (Andrea’s sister and her son) Andrea and Andreas, Melanie and Jillian, Brenna and Amedeo, Emily 2(me) and Jack, Emily 1 and Brooks, Lindsey and Cadence, Marla and Leora, Dana and Jaden … and bottom row Denise and Jocelyn, Tammy and Christian and Archana’s Mom and Ria.

With one year behind us it makes me excited to see what the coming years will bring. More babies? More mayhem?

If you are wondering how the acupuncture is going, let me tell you- fantastic! I haven’t used my inhaler in days (previously I was using it at least once a day.) I feel calmer and I did experience some of that illusive true joy today. (more on that later) My doctor has already graduated me from weekly treatments to bi-monthly treatments.

Regarding joy- I went on a hike into the woods behind the neighborhood today because I needed some ‘found materials’ for a project. On my way there I passed 5 cardboard boxes with the plastic wrap still attached from Deer Park bulk bottles, about 10 individual bottles, 2 cardboard soda can boxes and a bunch of other cardboard. I wandered to the woods, got what I needed and brought it home. I then grabbed a garbage bag and went back out to collect all the recyclables -because everything I passed is recyclable. As I was bending over in the mud behind the bushes a woman walking her dog walked by and said “Oh, that’s so nice of you to do that. Thank you.” And then I felt it, that warm fuzzy feeling- joy. So now I’m going to do that more often. When I come across a situation and think to myself ‘Ugh, someone should do something.’ or ‘That shouldn’t be that way.’ I’m going to do the right thing, because it makes me happy.