Not that I’m comparing my son to a dog, but… At this age he can communicate with me. It’s up to me to figure out what it is he’s trying to say.“Mommy, put me in the stroller and take me for a walk to the Bagel place by the grocery store.”

So we did. We walked the mile to the bagel place. I got a Kona Coffee, YUM! Then we walked back. On the way there I found about 7 cans and bottles and I just stuffed them below the stroller. Turns out the bagel place doesn’t have recycling, the grocery store doesn’t have recycling…. grrr… On the way back I collected more and more and more recycling. I’m not saying I don’t trust people, it’s just that I don’t trust people to pick it up let alone recycle it. It’s ALL recyclable.

By the end of the walk this was how much I collected. I’m not kidding. What’s the matter with people?!

This is Jack showing me that he likes his new $10 picnic table. He might not know how he’s supposed to use it, but he seems to find it amusing. Score! (I got this table on the Maryland Mommy website in the area for Buy/Sell and Trade. They have lots of great deals.)