Word [pronunciation] definition

Ma-Ma [Ma-Ma-Ma] mommy; female parental figure

Da-Da [Deh-Deh-Deh or Deh] daddy; male parental figure

No [No-No-No or Doh-Doh-Doh] (accompanied with right arm swinging across his body and shaking his head) i’m all done with dinner; i’m acknowledging you’re telling me ‘no’; i’m telling you no

Cat [kitty or kitteh] feline friend

Truck [tuck or tuck-tuck] large hauling-capacity vehicle; semi

Duck [duck or rack-rack-rack] anything duck-shaped with a bill; quack, quack

Cracker [kah-kah or cra-kah] feed me a cracker, now

This/That [dis/dat] (accompanied by frantic pointing) have you seen this, mommy; please tell me what this is so i can increase my vocabulary; i want this, give it to me

Round and Round [raw-raw-raw] round and round, as in, the wheels on the bus go…

Vroom [vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr] i’m driving my truck/car/bus can you hear it? it’s on the move

Sometimes I blog for the enjoyment of others, sometimes I blog for my own catharsis and sometimes I blog so that I can reference this information later to make sure any sub-sequent children are on-par with the first. (Hopefully, if they’re not, we’ll be able to find the receipt and the store will accept them back even though the tags have been removed.)