I’ve always been a little concerned about Jack’s round-ness. Not that I think he needs a diet or is actually over-weight. He’s only in the 50 or 70th percentile for weight. But between the cloth diapers adding some bulk and his big baby belly he has never really been able to wear jeans. When I put jeans on him with a cloth diaper I couldn’t zip the zipper to the top. Well, this morning I grabbed his pair of jeans that we’ve just had sitting around collecting dust and I try them on him ::zip:: right to the top! These are the same jeans I’ve been trying to get him in since Christmas. The pants are now also the right length! So out of curiosity we hopped on the scale. He weighs the same he did at his 1 year check up (at least according to my scale). Clearly he has reached critical velocity where he now moves so much that all of his calories are spent helping him to grow up not out.

How gratifying for me that this now opens up a whole new world of big-boy fashion opportunities! Yay!