Today we went to the play area at Columbia Mall (they usually open it up after morning cleaning at 9:30am). Which makes it germ free. It also is usually a 2 and under crowd at this hour which means I can relax a little and just let Jack run.

Speaking of: Here he is on the go.

Then I went to Tevana and picked up some more tea. I was running low on some of my faves. Morning tea is definitely a treat I enjoy, and with all the options they have at this store it’s impossible to get tired of it!

Later Kim came to visit (a friend from forever). We went out to a late lunch and then played with Jack. She has a super-cool flexible schedule because she’s a nurse at Georgetown Hospital. Sadly, I got caught up in the fun and forgot to snap a picture!

Tonight we had sandwiches for dinner. Jack was actually able to eat them as a sandwich should be eaten, for the most part.