Today in another mommy FAIL moment I left for our morning fun without the camera. Here is an artist’s rendition of this mornings play date with new baby Sophie. The ‘big kids’ had a blast playing with Carter (and now Sophie’s) toys in Susan’s basement. We mommies chatted and stole some sweet baby snuggles.

I ran some productive errands on the way home and then put jack down for his nap. Lately I’ve been getting scared that he’d going to give up all naps but I think I’ve realized the problem: humidity. It is yucky sticky in our house right now so after turning on the AC we had nap time success. ::whew::

Later Laura came by for a play date and we tried out our new crayons. Jack doesn’t get it… yet.

Finally I met Matt at Sun Nurseries and we picked out quite the plethora of produce for this summer growing season.
2 varieties of tomatoes
3 varieties of pepper
rosemary (since my seeds were a dud)
basil (since my seeds were also a dud)

The cilantro, oregano and sugar snap peas I’ve been growing from seed are all doing well so I didn’t buy any of those.

We wanted but could not find:
carrots and onions

So now I’m excited to plant and watch them grow. I’m a little worried about neighborhood bunnies and curious kids getting into the ‘crop’ so I have a tentative plan to put up some chicken wire. I hope I don’t need it because it will totally ruin the aesthetic.