Today I went down to Whole Foods in Rockville/White Flint to meet Aliya. He and I worked together at GWU. I often found myself in his office talking about literature, philosophy, yoga and life (mostly life). He is a stay at home dad so he and I decided to have a morning coffee-type-play date. We had a great chat about staying at home and how it changes you.

Then on our way back Jack decided to take his nap for the day- all 10 minutes of it. We got home and I rushed him upstairs but I don’t think he ever went all the way back to sleep. When I got him out of the crib I finally decided to make my life easier and get him a breathable bumper for his crib. I’m not worried about his limbs-he’s been doing just fine in that department. But his pacis always fall out throughout the night which when teething leads to early morning crying fits. Lets hope this helps because this 4am shenanigans is not really working for me.

When we got back I decided to try Sesame Street as an entertainment source while I unpacked and cleaned up. Well, my life will be forever changes because Sesame Street + an apple = 30 minutes all to myself. Speaking of Sesame Street…

While at the store Jack was screaming “A-MA, A-MA” over and over. So I said, “Yes honey Ma-Ma is here”. When I looked where he was pointing this was what I saw. Elmo. So A-Ma is Elmo. Ooooh. He’s only seen Elmo on Sesame Street 5 times and he already has the character memorized! I’m glad he picks things up quickly but I’m sooo not into characters. ::sigh:: It’s starting.