I’ve been slacking in the blog department so here are some updates: On Friday Michelle and I went for a walk around lake Elkhorn (to change up the scenery) and we saw lots of cool animals. Turtles, ducks and a blue heron. This white egret was all of 15 feet from us on the trail. Even the little kids were able to see it. When Jack yelled “Kaw-kaw” to tell me that he was also able to see the bird, the egret didn’t flinch! Later we saw it fly across the lake, I will never be not-impressed with its wing-span.

We bought a couch today, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to buy new furniture for us and not finally get Monkey something of her very own.
I know this couch looks white, but it’s a lot closer to the color of the cat than it is to being almost white when you see the fabric in person.