This weekend we installed new energy efficient windows in the whole house. I was SHOCKED that we got through it all in one weekend. It was SO much work (and that was before we realized we had to re-frame every. single. window. So we’re done and the inside of the house is cleaned up (there was dry wall dust everywhere) and the inside of the windows look a mess and the outside of the windows look all fancy and new. There is garbage on the deck and garbage under the deck. We still have to re-dry wall 7 of the 9 windows (we’ve done 2) so there’s spackle, tape and sheet rock up to my eyeballs.

But hey, we now have windows that A. actually open (because some of them did not before) B. will save us tons of money on heating and cooling costs C. will make our house more appealing to a buyer in a few years and D. look shiny and new!

A special thank you to my parents for being our weekend warriors yet again!!
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