“Ha-Me” for about a week Jack said this and we couldn’t figure out what it ment. Finally he came to me one day holding a toy that had come apart and said “Ha-Me” and “help me” was born.

“Mine” Jack’s first 4-letter work. I know it’s developmentally normal, I just can’t help wishing he didn’t have to go through this for-me about-me me-me-me phase.

“Ah Duh” all done.

“No” ::sigh::

“Towel” This one is funny because when he’s ready to get in the bath if he would rather skip his bath he stands in the bathroom asking for his towel over and over again, as though we won’t notice skipping the getting clean part. Hah!

So tell me, what are the most/least endearing words in your child’s vocabulary?