How do you feel about famous people?

There is a long story behind this, but I have this theory about famous people. There are 3 kinds- Those you would heckle or ignore completely (politicians I don’t like, Kanye West and Paris Hilton are of examples of this group). The second kind is people you would politely smile at, but because you know they’re just people you wouldn’t bother them with introducing yourself or asking to take a picture with you (seriously, what if you were walking down the street and a stranger stopped introduced himself and asked for a picture? Weird, right?) Most celebrities fall into this category for me everyone from the Governator to anyone on Grey’s Anatomy. Finally there is the “Oh my God, I cannot believe I’m breathing the same air as you” famous people. For me there are only 3 people that would make me completely spaz out: Joss Whedon, Patrick Stewart and Barack Obama.

So who are your top 3- “I’m so excited to meet you that I can’t contain myself” famous people?