Jack likes trains.

Jack really likes tractors.

Jack was ambivalent about the slide inside the shoe.

We greatly enjoyed the boat behind the Merry Miller’s cabin. When I went to put Jack in the whale for a picture he would have none of it. He’s no fool, he doesn’t want to get eaten. Actually, my mom has a picture of me when I was in playgroup sitting in that very same whale’s mouth… before the Fairytale items were moved from their original location. Maybe she can scan the pic so I can post it. ::Cough::

Finally we learned that Jack loooooves backhoes. We saw this at once upon a child and I took a pic of him in it with my phone and sent it to my parents. They insisted that they get it for him -especially when I told the story about when we left and he cried in the car for 10 minutes…. ‘back-hoe’ ::sob::
Which brings me to the conclusion that Grandparents are a bad influence. Seriously, where am I going to keep this thing?!