Today will now be known as “Handsome toddler charms free stuff day.”

We went to Lowes for some wire and the man in the electrical department was so smitten by Jack that he threw in 2 extra feet of wire. Jack just smiled and acted friendly and this poor man was putty in his hands. “Oh look at how handsome he is! What a great smile!”

Later we went to Giant and the ladies behind the counter at the deli were just beside themselves. “Oh, look at his blonde hair.” “And the curls.” “Oh, Did you see that? He’s making eyes at me!” “Does he want some cheese?” “How about a sample of chicken salad?”
1. The cheese just kept coming.
2. The ‘sample’ of chicken salad was 1/4 of a pound. And Jack is clearly still a vegetarian because he refused the chicken, so I ate it! But when he didn’t want the chicken the ladies behind the counter found some other types of cheese to give to him instead.

I should have gone to a store I like to see if he could get me a free purse or something!