This weekend my parents took Jack off our hands and Matt and I drove to Blackwater Falls, WV for a weekend getaway. We stayed in a cabin with no TV, no internet and no phone. And we had FUN! We left at noon on Thursday and got home at 2:30 on Sunday. The weather was pretty great which allowed is to go on several fun nature hikes. We saw about a billion deer (all does except we saw one buck on Saturday night). We saw a black bear cub on Friday night. Luckily we were in the car because I’m not trying to get between a mother and her cub! Rawr! We got a pic (because brave Matt hung my camera out the window of the car, but he might have to clean up the image to see if we can actually see anything.)

The view from the lodge.

Like I said, great weather!

And we saw a bunch of super cool wind turbines!

We came home to this. Apparently the weight limit on the table is high enough for two grown men and a toddler (in case anyone was wondering.)