If you saw a parent who was struggling with or trying to discipline their child what would you do? What situations would lead you to help or intercede? What situations would you ignore? Or would you gawk (don’t lie)?

Here is where this question comes from:
Today we had a ‘discipline incident’ which involved Jack basically loosing his bananas in the front yard (while strapped in the stroller) and it continued as we went inside. He wanted to get down and play, but we had other things to do. As I turn to go put the stroller back in the car (at this point Jack is still inconsolable) I see my next door neighbor who I don’t know very well at all opening my front door holding a toy for Jack.
Two things go through my mind simultaneously 1. is she really opening my front door? and 2. I don’t want him to get a ‘present’ right now because the last thing I want is to reinforce this behavior. So as I meet her on my threshold I say “Now is not a good time.” and she tries to insists and I repeat “Seriously, now is NOT a good time!”

So what do you think?