After an unpleasant 5am wake-up (that sadly lasted till 7) we finally allowed Jack to go ‘downsairs’.

Matt decided that a good Christmas morning tradition would be to start with cocoa.

The “Cars” toys were quite the hit. We are now learning the characters names as a result. Which is funny because he talks to himself and his toys while he plays, and now he can call them by name.

This pic seemed like a good idea at the time to take but it just makes me think “Am I that pregnant already?!”

This is one of the gifts that Matt got for me. Major points in the creativity department cause he ‘made’ it himself! (With the help of Google and Photoshop, of course.)

Then we went for a Christmas morning walk. Which was really nice because we got to enjoy the snow at least once more before the rain washed it all away.

Jack enjoyed the kitty (his/my early present).

Then GiGi, PaPa and Uncle Tom arrived and we revealed the kitchen! (There was no need to earlier because the Cars cars kept him entertained for 3 hours strait).

My parents got Matt and I a Wii, so there was a lot of this in the evening when Jack was in bed.