Yesterday morning was pretty much adorable. I was lugging the swim bag, and the Goodwill donations out to the car, leaving a crated cat and a fully dressed toddler for the second trip. Jack saw me leaving carrying many things and decided to pick up the cat carrier and follow me out the door. Too cute! (Too bad the carrier was too big for him to actually manage himself.)

Jack is back in swim class! He’s so much better about following instructions and although he’s a little apprehensive this time I’m hoping that over the next six weeks we’ll learn some new skills!

Then we learned what a time out at the Animal Welfare Society is like. Kidding! He put himself in there, and was talking about the puppy dogs. I hope he doesn’t think he can get adopted out! He’s not for sale (most of the time).

Later Mommy escaped for a night out! Woot woot!