This is going to be a piece of cake compared to the Lit Reviews I did in my previous life. The one where I was a student and a professional with a career…
Laura (my roomie from college) got Jack this book a few months ago and we’ve recently been reading it. Now Jack has started requesting the “Baby Book”. It’s VERY descriptive, but since I’m not one to skirt around concepts like ‘uterus’ and ‘contractions’ anyway it’s very interesting to read about these concepts to my son in a way he’ll actually understand them (as opposed to the overly-wordy age-inappropriate way I would).

With his interest in that book I got this one:

He likes it. I like how it explains potty training, or as they say “potty learning”. I have hopes and dreams about this potty training experience, but for now I’ll settle for Jack being interested. Maybe we’ll throw in some mornings or afternoons with his big boy pants on.

Hold me, I’m scared.
Apparently running away and hiding to poop or pee in a diaper is a sign of readiness. Since Jack has been doing this I guess we should try. I just assumed the running away was a sign he was not ready. Shows what I know!