After 5 failed attempts to upload photos from the weekend I’m now giving up.

The tile is down! The marble is sealed; we’ll grout tomorrow and then we’ll reinstall the toilet, vanity and pick up the new vanity top from Lowes and voila, we’ll have a whole new bathroom. The master bath now looks fugly (which is a contractor technical term) in comparison, but that will just keep us motivated to keep working.

Big thanks to GiGi and PaPa for their help this weekend and the use of their oh-so-vital tile saw!

Link is proving to be a big help keeping Jack entertained. We have a few of those cat-toy-on-a-stick toys and Jack just holds the stick and runs around the house, which of course drives the cat nuts- causing the cat to burn some excess energy off and causing Jack to erupt in uncontrollable fits of giggles.

Some updates on #2:
-I’m still not swelling!! I can’t tell you how pleased and proud I am of this fact. At this point last time it was just about Thanksgiving. I was so swollen I couldn’t wear my wedding rings. I couldn’t wear any cute shoes and my feet were in a constant state of cankles.
-My prenatal yoga class is awesome! I saw Marla again this week. She said she’s been feeling YUCK all day and she’s hoping that these early labor signs will hold off till Leora’s Birthday party this weekend! Good Luck, Marla!
-I also learned that I spent the last 2 months of my pregnancy with Jack I tried to ‘help prepare’ my body with different exercises and body positions (i.e. tilted pelvis) well apparently everything I did was closing off my pelvis not opening it as I thought. No wonder he never descended and engaged!
-I’m tired, a lot. Maybe tomorrow a certain husband will let me sleep in and he can be ‘on duty’. ::fingers crossed::