Fill in your best guess to the following internet abbreviations. No googling/ looking at blogs with term keys allowed!

BRB = be right back
LOL = laughing out loud
DH = dear(darling) husband/damn husband
DD/DS = dear daughter/dear son
KTFU = knocked the eff up
PG = pregnant
EBF = exclusively breast fed
FF = formula fed
BF =breast fed/feed
KWIM = know what I mean?
ITA = I totally agree
KTHXBI = okay, thanks, bye

some have similar meanings or are related in ‘topic’.

I have temporarily enabled comment approval for the next 48 hours to keep you from cheating… not that you’d cheat, I’m sure! GL! (That means: Good Luck!)

The Crivella Family is the winner!!! Congrats, Susan!