The problem with a child who has, by the skin of his very cute teeth, survived a sleep problem is any regression can take his innocent bystanders, erm parents, into an endless cycle of despair instantly. Thursday night he didn’t wake up once (except at 5:30 to pee, which he hadn’t done in his diaper all night, and he promptly went back to sleep and slept till 7:15. SCORE!). Friday night Matt and I went to The Candlelight Inn for dinner. Delicious, by the way. I still feel full and pleasantly satisfied even now at the wee hours of the morning. We came home. We Wii-ed with my Mom for an hour. We were in bed at 10, asleep by 11. Promptly at 2:00 Jack was awake and screaming. Fun. He finally stopped needing us about 30 minutes ago but it’s 5 freekin 30. I’m too depressed to go back to sleep now. I’m thinking about all the ways we’ll never have a normal life as parents because he can’t sleep like a normal human being. We can’t invite friends over to have dinner and play games and put their kiddo down at our house. Why? Basically any activity after 6pm screws up the whole night. We can’t have house guests. They’re too exciting. Maybe if we had a bigger place and a guest house and we never actually saw them….. We clearly can’t go out to dinner and have someone (who followed the routine to a T, BTW watch him) because that’s just too different. Maybe it’s TV… TV could be the enemy. I mean it’s the new cause of autism, according to non-medical research articles.

Now in his defense, he did bite his tongue, kinda bad today. Maybe that hurts, maybe it’s waking him up. He also had his hand in his mouth most of the day, maybe it’s his teeth. Maybe there’s a pea under his mattress.

It could be anything. And what sucks is we’ll never know what we’ve been doing so HORRIBLY wrong all this time.

And I’m going away. Leaving Matt to maybe solve this problem… or suffer through it. He can handle it, but when I deal with HIGHLY UNDESIRABLE situations such as these my coping mechanism is to exert as much control as is humanly possible. How can I do that from NJ? Frack!