Jack woke up this morning to some special birthday Daddy snuggles.

Jack enjoyed a special birthday breakfast pancake.

He opened his birthday present. A new laptop! And he got strait to work.

We had special birthday dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and a yummy birthday desert!
We were so excited that at one point we were running and running and BOOM! fell down. Well, when he got up he started limping (favoring the right leg/foot), he limped into the restaurant, limped to his bath and limped into his bedroom. After examining the ankle in the restaurant with no results I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever discover what was hurting and what really happened. As Matt and I were putting his socks on before bed he started talking about his boo-boo. We took the opportunity:
“Jack where is your boo-boo?”
::Jack points at toes::
“Your toes have a boo-boo?”
“Toes. Boo-boo.”
So all this time I’ve been worrying if we were dealing with a sprained ankle when it’s a simple case of stubbed toes. ::Whew!::