Poor Jack.

He hates the doctor so much. As soon as they tried to get him to stand on the scale he let out a blood curdling scream and tried to make a bee-line for the exit. Fortunately we were so deep in the labyrinth of exam rooms he didn’t make it all the way out before I caught him.

That was the end of attempting his stats.

Needless to say the exam consisted of him clinging to me like a koala while screaming in my ear as the Dr. tried to check his eyes, ears and listen to his heart. The way he was reacting the Dr. should have been ripping his arms off.

Fortunately I had taken my own at home thanks to the Wii Fit and a tape measurer.

Height: 36 (maybe 35.5 in)
Weight: 32 lbs (maybe 31.5 lbs)

It’s a good thing they don’t check blood pressure because Jack would be the first 2 year old diagnosed with chronic hypertension.