If we’re being completely honest there were 3 reasons we got the new cat:

  • Monkey is kind of a b*tch, and isn’t friendly very to guests or toddlers. Jack needed a cat to love.
  • I wanted a kitten. They’re cute, cuddly and they come fully potty trained.
  • We go away a lot and I always feel bad leaving anti-social Monkey alone for a week/weekend.

But this is what we got out of getting a new cat:

  • Monkey who used to over-eat (to the point of puking) about once in a while was over-eating almost daily, finally we got fed up and switched to dye-free cat food hoping it would just make for easier clean up. Now we’re living barf free. (Don’t ask me why I was buying cat food with dyes in it…)
  • Monkey is so much more social! To the 3 of us at least.
  • Jack has a kitty cat buddy who tolerates smothering hugs, pretend vet care, getting fallen down on, pokes to the eyes, ears and whiskers for anatomy lessons.
  • Lap Cat!
  • Admittedly it’s not all rainbows and tra la la here in kitten-ville, we’re also breaking a BAD human-food-eating habit and stealing of stuffed animals that are as large as the kitten, which means few animals are safe from capture.