I might not use my cloth all the time, but I LOVE my cloth diapers. I’m switching Jack back out of his disposable to cloth (since Henry was born we decided to make things easier for ourselves) but it’s time to get back to cloth. To ease this transition I’m going to switch Jack back first, who’s in big-boy pants a large part of the day anyhow so it will hardly change my daily workload to put Jack in cloth.

Putting Henry in cloth requires more work from me, obviously. They make diaper liners (like little tissue papers) which help with clean up. I’m going to score myself some of those off Amazon so when we’re changing poopy diapers I’m doing the same simple rinse that I do with pee because I’ll be able to pick up the sticky/messy poop in the liner and flush it down the toilet. I still have a little more than a box of diapers left before Henry runs out and we’ll evaluate then whether or not we’re ready (and whether or not he’s big enough).