As parents we make choices. Well, one choide I’ve made is akin to infanticide to the pearl-clutchers of the world. Henry takes all his naps on his tummy. He sleeps SO well, and his tummy troubles are helped by this position. Go ahead, clutch your pearls and gasp at my reckless parenting. I might as well be riding seatbelt-less in my Buick with my toddler on my lap and my infant in a box on the seat beside me.

Honestly, part of me feels like someone is going to call the cops on me because I’m endangering him. Well, here’s the rub- our entire generation slept on our stomachs and most of us survived to make adorable little babies of our own. I know stomach sleeping doesn’t cause SIDS, but it is a risk factor, and that makes even reckless-me nervous. So we always put him to sleep on his back at night because we couldn’t check on him every 5 min like we can when he’s napping.

Last night we put him down on his tummy for his first cycle at 9pm (because he usually sleeps for 2.5-3 hours at a time) so when we’re ready for bed he’s usually ready for a quick meal and quickly to go back to sleep (get it…. back to sleep?) Last night he slept from 9pm-3:40am. It was BEAUTIFUL. And then the guilt rolled in.

So when I discovered this I was elated- Our problem is solved! This is exactly the type of product that I would have made fun of. “Paranoid parents who need to know that the baby is moving, making noise and what the temperature the room is?! Seriously, they need to chilax!” Well my rebellious self will be using the (base version of) this monitor to tummy-sleep my child for 6 blissful hours at a time, thank you very much.