On the day that I went into labor with Henry I *thought* I *might* be in labor so I went down to the midwives for a labor check. They thought I wasn’t in labor, hah! I sure showed them!
Anyway, that was a long morning so on the way back home I stopped at Einstein Bagels for a tasty turkey sandwich ::drool::. Well, the drive thru was closed and so I went inside and waited 5 minutes at the counter for someone to acknowledge I was there. Then I waited for a few minutes while the cashier talked at basically the volume of a jet engine to some other guy so that I could, you know, pay. Then he forgot to give me my cup so I couldn’t get a drink-nor get a word in edgewise- while I waited, and waited and waited for my food, which when it came was not what I ordered. Then I got in my car, twitching, and drove home so I could call corporate because, seriously, that’s not what I call service.

I basically left a message with corporate just explaining the deal and I figured since the guy who refused to ring me up was the one wearing the little Manager badge the district guy might at least read him the riot act for getting a complaint.

So today in the mail I get a letter from corporate with vouchers for 2 free sandwiches and a free bakers dozen bagels. Um, awesome! You have not lost a customer, Einstein… well played. I will however be going to the other location near me next time.

At my 6 week check up my midwives discussed birth control and I would LOVE to use the Mirena because something a. I don’t have to think about and b. can make my periods shorter and lighter sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately I’ve never done well with hormone birth control. I’ve tried: ortho tri-cycline, ortho cycline, ortho evra, and the nuva ring. Each one has made me crazy (it’s not uncommon for some women to experience severe enough emotional effects from birth control that it doesn’t make sense for them to use that type of method). And when I say ‘crazy’ I mean crazy-von-crazy of crazytown. Knowing this my midwives suggested the mini-pill as a way to test my sensitivity to progesterone (because everything but mini-pill and the Mirena includes estrogen and progesterone).

Sadly I took another trip to crazytown and now will have to resort exclusively to hormone-free methods, because seriously what partner is willing to have ‘relations’ with a person who hates him, everyone else and is willing to demonstrate this by cursing like a sailor every chance she gets? I’m starting to wonder if the pharmacy is mixing up my order for birth control with someone else’s order for crazy-pills…. Hmmmm…..

This pill-poppin’ problem does explain why I seem to be missing all the basic coping skills a parent of two should have and why until this point having two has been stressful, yes but not unmanageable. It has also seemed that Henry has been quite a… um… pill lately and behold through the power of Google I have discovered that some women who used the mini-pill noticed a serious increase in fussiness because their milk flavor/supply/whatever changed enough to make the baby cranky. Fortunately most report that within 2 weeks of stopping the pill the baby returned to their non-fussy self.