Today we had our own little comedy of errors.

I will preface this by saying Henry only poops once a day. Weird, I think, but not outside the realm of normal. So, as you can imagine, when he poops it’s…. epic. Well today he was a little fussy so I put him in the swing so I could clean up from breakfast. When I hear that sound. You mommies out there know ‘the sound’. So I go over and pick him up only to find that I can see it has leaked up the front of the diaper. This is never a good sign, my friends. It leaked up the front and out the legs. At this exact moment I think of this.

It’s everywhere, swing needs to be washed, everything Henry is wearing might as well be burned. I’ve gone through about 8 baby wipes and he starts to pee. At this point I carry him into the kitchen and put him in the sink. Now that he’s all squeaky clean I wrap him in a dish towel and bring him back to the changing table on the pack n play. As I’m carrying him across the room he throws up.


All I could do was laugh. I mean, really, it doesn’t ever happen all at once like that! So Henry is here, naked under this blanket because I’m running upstairs to get him some clothes… while I’m at it I might as well do a load of laundry because I’d rather eat irresponsibly raised pork than clean everything he just soiled by hand!

Jack remained blissfully ignorant. Lucky him!

I know I said I washed him in the sink…. but just to be absolutely sure.

Also, lets not have a repeat tomorrow. Yes, it was very funny, but tomorrow is Mommy’s birthday and that would be not so nice. Thanks.