Jack has his first golf lesson.

Maybe next time he’ll remember his formal wear.After the lesson, PaPa and Jack went to play a few holes in the yard.

But look who got stuck doing the caddying!

Later Jack was reunited with his beloved backhoe. What a great find that was!

The biggest news of the day is Jack went on his first sailboat ride. He was adamant about getting on the boat when it was beached on shore and when PaPa and Daddy came back from their long morning ride Jack wanted a turn. I figured, we have a life vest for him, what’s the worst that can happen? He went once across the river and back and then asked to go again. He was gone for about 30 minutes and all reports suggest that he was a great listener moving from one side to the other when asked, staying seated and ducked under the boom when tacking.
We might have a little sailor on our hands. I will, however, refrain for getting him a sailor suit.